Windows 8 – New Features Unusable

Windows 8’s new features are unusable, rendering it an encumbered update to Windows 7. Why?

Windows 8 requires that you have a registered address to use most of the features and included applications in Windows 8. This provides for an identity sucking attachment that hasn’t been present in Windows before. Earlier versions of Windows could be used anonymously. No more. This must have caused mass orgasms for the boys (and girls) over at the National Security Agency.

I chose not to “comply” with giving Windows 8 an email address for it to attach to, and as a result, I can’t benefit from any of the new features. This design was intentional, and is another example of what Edward Snowden (and others) have been trying to tell us. As the colorful NSA powerpoint slides depict, Microsoft is one of the companies in the NSA’s pocket with the PRISM program, and god knows what else.

So what’s the problem? Well, say you give Windows 8 an email account to attach to. Now all your activities with windows that are logged (most of them) are conveniently related to an email address that’s attached to your identity. No, suppose you decide to use the Windows 8 app that displays your Flickr pictures… it asks for your Flickr account information, and immediately the NSA knows that account is linked to you too! This is an example of the insidious way in which your privacy has been completely taken from you.

When Mark Zuckerberg started talking about his “social graph”, many people’s eyes glazed over. Not so the NSA. They’ve taken that ball and run with it. Windows 8 is an example of just how far down the field they’ve gotten.



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